I released a very minor update today. adds text to the pod manager to make it more clear how it works. Also - if you clear your selections it saves that change. Enjoy.

Today's release brought to you by Freeland, "Wish I Was Here":

BlogCFC Released

I just released a minor update to BlogCFC. It contains two small bug fixes and a feature suggested by Ryan V. If you are logged in as an admin, you will no longer need to enter CAPTCHA for comments. If you use comment moderation, your comments will automatically be approved.

Today's build brought to you by "Perpetual" by VNV Nation.

BlogCFC Update

I blogged about this on my main blog (see here), but I wanted to make sure folks new to update to the latest BlogCFC as soon as possible. Security firm ProCheckup found some XSS issues and I've corrected them.

BlogCFC Google Groups

Just a quickie - I've created the Google Group: I've turned on moderation for new members.

p.s. I "discovered" custom fields in WordPress last week. I'm sooooo adding that to BlogCFC.

BlogCFC 5.9.6

BlogCFC 5.9.6 was just released to RIAForge. This is a pretty important update. I encourage everyone to upgrade. Changes include:

  • Jeff Braunstein added a 'view by author' feature. For blogs with multiple authors, you can now support a view of just one author's entries.
  • Jeff Braunstein also changed the 'crud' at the bottom (send to Digg, etc). He changed it to AddThis, which I think is a much more elegant.
  • Ok, so both of the previous items may not interest you. However, while I was doing some debugging I was surprised to see how many queries were being run on every request. I did a lot of digging and found numerous queries I could cache. In fact, the blog entry page went from something like 27 or so queries per view to 6. While none of these queries were slow, they added up. According to ColdFire, te total time spent on DB work went from something like 65% to 15%. All in all, things should run faster.

Google Group versus Forums

I don't get quite a lot of support requests for BlogCFC (everyone is leaving for Mango ;) but I was thinking it may make sense to shut down the old forums and switch to Google Groups. That's something that I think could be easier for folks to use.


Would anyone actually join up even if just to help others?

Would it help foster discussion on updates, changes?


Just released a very small update that corrects some installer issues. Thanks go to Ken Gladden for the find. Current users can probably just ignore this update.

BlogCFC Update

Today's update contains two small changes. First, I removed the need to actually type anything in the search box. A user was trying to use the search page to browse categories and kept getting bounced to the home page when he didn't enter anything. It seemed like a fair change to make, so that's done.

Second, a fix to tweetbacks was put it. Thanks to Shaun for the fix.


The latest version of BlogCFC has been released. This includes a few small fixes here and there, including an important ScopeCache one by Brian Kotek, and the shiny new installer. Download and test please! (FYI, I forgot to update the notification service. Going to do so right now.)

BlogCFC will never have an installer. Ever. Until today...

Ok, so the title is a bit misleading. I'm not releasing an installer today in any formal sense, but I do have the bits ready for testing. The installer handles prompting for a DSN, running import scripts (MySQL and SQL Server only, and be warned - this drops tables), and asking for basic settings to help get you started. It also auto-kills itself so it can't be run again. Some screen shots (sorry for how small they are):

Before testing, add the following line (to a virgin BlogCFC install) to your blog.ini.cfm file:



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