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Someone on cf-talk mentioned that Blogger will save your form contents every few seconds to a cookie in case your browser crashes. Anyone think this is worth adding to BlogCFC? It would be pretty trivial.

Scott P's Gravatar Sure - one more thing that is easy to add but will look good on the features list.
# Posted By Scott P | 12/31/06 3:44 PM
Doug's Gravatar Admin forms, comment form, all forms? It wouldn't be that big of a deal to me in the admin (would be nice though), but might be better for visitors in the comment form. If the user's agent crashes, when they revisited the entry and attempted to comment again would the form populate from the cookie?
# Posted By Doug | 12/31/06 3:52 PM
todd sharp's Gravatar Doesn't FF auto restore sessions if it crashes? Does that include form data?

Just tell everyone to use FF ;)
# Posted By todd sharp | 12/31/06 4:09 PM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar It is just the URLs, not the form data (afaik).

FYI - I finished the mod. Ive included it as a zip to this entry. Please visit this link in 60 seconds or so to see it attached.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 12/31/06 4:17 PM
Jacob Munson's Gravatar I was that person on CF-Talk, so you know my opinion on the subject. :)

By the way, I made a mod like this myself for BlogCFC a while ago, and sent the code to your forums. You might start there. I can't be blamed for bad code though, I've probably learned a lot of better ways to code since then.
# Posted By Jacob Munson | 12/31/06 9:46 PM
Dave's Gravatar FF already has this. Sounds like a good idea to me. However, maybe we should push the "other" company to make a stable browser instead of us writing code to overcome their short comings.
# Posted By Dave | 1/1/07 6:41 PM
Doug's Gravatar How about we stop writing code to overcome their shortcomings so that "they" will need to adjust their browser to the standards to which we wish to write. Maybe that would be a good push? If we keep hacking we will just continue to support "them" and we will make our legacy code that much more unmanageable when things do become standardized.
# Posted By Doug | 1/1/07 6:53 PM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Hey jacob - I didn't see that post! (I mean the earlier one with the code!) Please don't think I'm trying to copy ideas from you. :)
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 1/1/07 9:10 PM
Doug's Gravatar In retrospect, I would like to say that my comment above shouldn't have been posted in the context of this blog, although I do hold that opinion I should have reserved the post for a different venue. Ray, my comment was not related to your patch - sorry if it came across that way.
# Posted By Doug | 1/2/07 12:22 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar No worries Doug.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 1/2/07 7:38 AM
Jacob Munson's Gravatar Ray,

This was well over a year ago, I managed to find it again:

And I don't mind if you just plug my code in, but it looks like some of the code got converted to escaped values by your translator. Shouldn't be hard to figure out though.
# Posted By Jacob Munson | 1/2/07 9:31 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Ah - I see that you wrote some generic funcs for handling the cookie stuff. I'm just going to keep mine it. It isn't as good - but gets the job done ok I think. That seem ok to you?
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 1/2/07 9:58 AM
Jacob Munson's Gravatar Whatever works. I was just telling you some of the work's already been done, but if you've already got stuff in place, use that. :)
# Posted By Jacob Munson | 1/2/07 2:06 PM
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