Updates already rolling in...

Based on feedback from the beta release, some updates are already coming in. The latest version is Beta 1.002. As I said on the main blog, I'm not going to update the zip for a while, but the SVN has been updated about three times now.

Now that more people are using the beta, I'll actually use notes when I check stuff in. I know - I suck.

The main fix was for MS Access in getRecentComments.

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Hello... I am looking for the latest blogcfc 5.0 == with all the latest fixes. Where can I download it?


# Posted By Kevin Kallsen | 5/2/06 7:41 PM
There is a SVN repository mentioned in the very first blog posting here. If that is greek to you, just wait and later in the week I'll be releasing a new zip.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 5/2/06 10:01 PM
Thanks -- that was the hint I was looking for... Now I got it and it is working!
# Posted By Kevin Kallsen | 5/2/06 10:21 PM
BlogCFC was created by Raymond Camden. This blog is running version 5 (Beta 1.004).