Changes on Saturday Morning

As I said yesterday, a lot of bug reports and updates are coming in. Changes in SVN include:

  • Scott fixed an issue with IE. Because IE sucks. Really.
  • There was a bug when you made a new category in the Entry editor.
  • I fixed the case in blog.cfc for mysql issues.
  • Other stuff I can't quite remember.

Also, Scott P sent in some dang good ideas for small tweaks to the admin menu I will be checking in tonight (or later today). Stuff like a simple way to refresh the cache, etc. I'll also check in a bug fix for category aliases that I mentioned in the release notes. (Ie, category aliases won't work till you refresh the cache.)

So a question. Now that I'm being better about using notes when I check into SVN, does anyone know if there is a way to get a list of updates for a project? I know I can get a history for ONE file. What I'd like to do is - for an entire project, get a list of the last 10 or so checkins with the notes.

If this is doable, I may add a page to this site that runs this so folks can see the history on the fly.

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If you're already using SVN, you might as well add Trac into the mix. This will give you a very nice timeline of what's been changed most recently (along with a lot of other uber-cool features you'll wonder how you ever lived without).
# Posted By Matt Woodward | 4/29/06 1:18 PM
I'll second that, just started with trac and it's awesome. Highly recomended.
# Posted By Doug Cain | 5/2/06 4:56 AM
Where do i download the latest version with the latest fixes of blogcfc 5?
# Posted By Kevin | 5/2/06 5:39 PM
The subversion url can be found in the very first blog entry, or, wait till I package up the zip again, which will be Wednesday or so.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 5/2/06 5:50 PM
BlogCFC was created by Raymond Camden. This blog is running version 5 (Beta 1.004).