Lightbox Plugin

Jax has created a very cool Lighthouse Plugin for BlogCFC. Check it out here.

Howard Fore's Gravatar Ray, have you thought about putting a plugin system in the Snitch so manual editing of the source wouldn't be necessary to add this sort of functionality?
# Posted By Howard Fore | 1/30/08 1:47 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar There is some form of API now. You can add new rendering rules using the Render support. You can upload/edit pods for the right hand side.

I can look at this more in 6, but it would be lower priority.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 1/30/08 4:29 AM
Steve Preston's Gravatar I like the way you're heading with this Ray in regard to the API.
# Posted By Steve Preston | 2/5/08 5:27 AM
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