5.9.2 Released

I'm feeling lazy so I'm just going to post the release notes. I'm a bit surprised no one noticed that the 'just subscribe' feature was totally fubared. The link wasn't checked in. Anyway, hopefully folks will update to 5.9.2!

/install/accessblog.mdb - typo fix by David Brown

/org/camden/blog/blog.ini.cfm - property 'usecfp' - You must add this to your ini file. If true, uses CFFORMPROTECT (cfformprotect.riaforge.org)

/org/camden/blog/blog.cfc - Version, getComments supports filtering, blogNow marked private

/client/index.cfm - Did I somehow forget to check in the code that shows links for subscribing to a blog entry?

/client/googlesitemap.cfm - Now includes pages. Thanks to Edward Beckett

/client/Application.cfm - store useCFP in App scope

/client/includes/style.css - mods as described by http://rickosborne.org/blog/index.php/2008/12/05/blogcfc-users-stop-or-youll-go-blind/

/client/includes/layout.css - mods as described by http://rickosborne.org/blog/index.php/2008/12/05/blogcfc-users-stop-or-youll-go-blind/

/client/cfformprotect - cfformprotect code

/client/admin/comments.cfm - Simple filtering

/client/admin/notify.cfm - Fixes a bug with entry notifications

/client/addcomment.cfm - cfformprotect

David's Gravatar quick bug report: in the new googleSiteMap.cfm, doesn't set dateStr for each record (seems to get dateStr from last entry record?)
# Posted By David | 12/12/08 8:05 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Nope, that's intentional since Pages don't have a real date for them. (FYI, for the future, please use the bug tracker at http://blogcfc.riaforge.org to report issues.)
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 12/12/08 8:12 AM
Manuel Avelar's Gravatar How can I upgrade my mysql database with the new structure in this version?
# Posted By Manuel Avelar | 3/17/09 1:41 PM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Please check the readme.txt file. It always describes what to change in terms of db work, if anything.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 3/17/09 1:51 PM
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