Year based stats

I wanted to see some stats based on the past year, so I recently built a script up for my blog:

Stats for 2008

I've included the CFM as an attachment to this blog entry. Note - I simply copied stats.cfm from my blog, and my blog is rather old (5.8 ort so).

p.s. I should add - the code is dynamic of course. It will use the current year. I should maybe set it up so that you can pass in a year as a URL variable so you can do some comparisons.

Charlie Arehart's Gravatar Cool stuff. To clarify (and Ray, correct me if I'm wrong), this is the normal stats page info (available on all blogcfc-based blogs as [blogurl]/stats.cfm), but just limiting it to the past year, rather than the default of "since blog creation", right?

I'm a bit confused, though, because visiting your stats page ( says you've had only 199 entries, while this year-end version shows 601. Am I misunderstanding something?
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 12/30/08 9:55 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Did you not notice the domains Charlie? ;) The link is to my blog. The stats page you linked to is to Different blogs. :)

And to be anal, the stats are for the _current_ year, not the past year. And yep - all I did was modify stats.cfm, hence my warning that my stats.cfm ("my" as in is not as current as the stats.cfm you get in the current build of blogcfc.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 12/30/08 9:59 AM
Charlie Arehart's Gravatar Thanks. Yes, I missed that it was for the 2 different blogs. Doh! :-)
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 12/30/08 10:41 AM
Aaron West's Gravatar Nice Ray. I took your lead and created a "stats by year" page that allows a statsYear URL param to be passed in. Excluding the URL param causes stats to be generated year-to-date for the current year. See it in action here (thanks for the idea):
# Posted By Aaron West | 12/31/08 11:07 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar I didn't see a download. Would you mind sending me a copy? (I assume you want to share, if not, let me know. :)
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 12/31/08 12:02 PM
Aaron West's Gravatar Check your email Ray.. I sent a zip with the file. As you mentioned above, I'm also on an older version of BlogCFC so there are some (minor) differences between your script and the one I wrote.
# Posted By Aaron West | 12/31/08 12:41 PM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar There was a bug in my version when no entries existed in a category for the current year. Download fixed. I'll double check to ensure Aaron's doesn't have the bug before I check it into source.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 1/2/09 8:25 AM
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