BlogCFC Spam Plugin, and v6 Update

Jax wrote me this morning to tell me about a new spam plugin for BlogCFC: SpamStop plugin for BlogCFC released.

I've got to say - this looks darn impressive. I haven't thought a lot yet about spam stuff for v6, but this is definitely something I'm going to consider rolling in.

As for v6... folks may have noticed I've slowed down quite a bit. For the past two months I've been working on a project that is going a bit slowly. The project will end soon, but frankly my mental capacity for BlogCFC has been next to nothing. I'm certainly not giving up on v6, but I wanted folks to be aware that I know I'm going slow, and to not give up hope.

St├ęphane's Gravatar Take your time Ray. BlogCFC is already a solid and reliable blogging platform and, at the price you're selling it, we'd be hard pressed to push you to move faster :-)
# Posted By St├ęphane | 2/27/08 6:24 AM
Rob Cawte's Gravatar Really looking forward to the next version, Ray.
I've hacked OpenID and a Twitter client into v5, and have just come back from BlogTalk2008 in Cork - full of ideas about further semantic goodness and other stuff I want to add, but am holding back until v6.

I also desperately want BlogCFC to play nicely with Live Writer, for image uploads and double byte characters.... I'm on leave for the rest of my contract, but officially at MS for another 3 weeks, and can hit up Joe, Charles and J.J. internally if it'd make any difference... I'd hazard a guess that you know them well from a previous life anyway ;)

If you want any more collaborators for bits of v6, I'm keen as mustard!

# Posted By Rob Cawte | 3/10/08 5:20 PM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar The main issue with all these XML-RPC clients is that they are so hard to debug. You have to use a network monitor to see what kind of traffic is going back and forth. It's a real pain.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 3/11/08 4:38 AM
Marc's Gravatar Hello, I do not speak English well (excuses for the faults).
I downloaded last version 5 recently. I made a translation in French on the basis of process using the file I benefitted from it to move all the zones of texts of all the files writes into hard towards the various languages (fr, en, ch, main). I thus have a version entirely multi language.
Is what that interests you?

# Posted By Marc | 5/5/08 10:57 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar I don't quite get what you are saying. Are you saying you removed the localization and hard coded it?
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 5/5/08 3:07 PM
Marc's Gravatar I made a translation in French of the last version of blogcfc. I created a file As I was in the translations, I benefitted from it to move all the text into hard towards the files (*.properties).
have to use the following functions on all the pages: application.resourceBundle.getResource() or rb().

To see the interface admin in French, it is the ID and password per defect

I can send the source code to you of my changes.
# Posted By Marc | 5/20/08 3:39 AM
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