Article on replacing the INI File

NerdFusion has a good article on modding BlogCFC to remove the need for an ini file:

Hacking BlogCFC: Part 1 - Replacing the INI file (read) with XML

jkl's Gravatar cool
# Posted By jkl | 2/7/08 9:07 AM
Adam Tuttle's Gravatar I posted <a href="">part... 2: replacing the write functionality</a> yesterday -- so now the whole thing works transparently, as if nothing had changed at all.
# Posted By Adam Tuttle | 2/8/08 3:23 AM
Adam Tuttle's Gravatar Hm, ok, the URL for part 2 is:
# Posted By Adam Tuttle | 2/8/08 3:24 AM
Justin Treher's Gravatar Ray,

I just stumbled across your comment on line 21 of subscribe.cfm.

That was pretty funny.
# Posted By Justin Treher | 2/19/08 10:41 AM
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