Quick note on last update

The last update (over at http://blogcfc.riaforge.org) was just to get rid of the icky Mac files in the zip. Nothing has changed in 5.9.002.

Chris's Gravatar Ray,

Did you just delete the manually? I have been trying to figure out how to do it automatically.
# Posted By Chris | 4/16/08 2:10 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Delete what?
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 4/16/08 3:12 AM
Chris's Gravatar The icky Mac files.
# Posted By Chris | 4/16/08 4:05 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Oh - well in this case, I got the zip from SVN and uploaded that.

I think the bad stuff was from the previous Subversion client I used on the Mac.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 4/16/08 5:59 AM
Mark Aplet's Gravatar If you have mac developers uploading files they can use a archive cleaner to get rid of the pesky .fileName files. Here are two that you may find usefull. Mike Pointek's Clean Archive 1.0.1 - http://mikepiontek.com/software/mac/create-clean-a...

And CleanArchiver - http://www.sopht.jp/cleanarchiver/
# Posted By Mark Aplet | 5/15/08 7:37 PM
Sergio Valladares's Gravatar First of all, sorry for an out of place comment that I posted here.

Second. This is a Great Project. I almost finished the cstomization process
in order to run BLOGCFC with Solaris, Oracle, Sun One Web Server & CF7.

Let me tell you, the hole process was so smooth. It took only 2 days.

Right now I have BLOGCFC working with
Tiny Mce and CFFile Manger (CFFM) working nice (I just couldn't make
Tiny Mce works with the Built in File Manger)

Thank you!!!!!
# Posted By Sergio Valladares | 5/23/08 4:22 PM
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