Wednesday's Update

Checked in:

1) We now support pages (dynamic, simple CMS stuff) and the pages used our template system.

2) Comments are now displayed. Please note the RED template was updated, not the green template. The comments.html works much like entries.html, giving you the ability to put stuff on top, between comments, and before the end. Also note the token $$NAME, $$URL, and $$NAMEURL. Name means the commentors name. URL is their website. NAMEURL means: "Return a linked version of the name if they supplied a web site." Most folks will want to use nameurl.

Next up is the comment form, which frankly will be the hardest part of the template system - but also the last.

Oh - and if you look at template.cfc - yes - I have duplicated code in there. I plan a total rewrite of the CFC. I'm happy with the _outside_ user of the code, just not the code inside.

Lastly - has anyone tested BlogCFC5 under MX/MX7 yet? Specifically in regard to this blog entry. Please and thank you.

BlogCFC5, CF6 and 7

The last release of BlogCFC added ColdFish support for code coloring. Unfortunately I didn't think to check if it was CF6/7 compatible. Jason has helpfully provided a new version that should work in MX and higher. I've checked in the new code to SVN.

Would those of you on 6/7 please get latest from SVN and tell me if code coloring is working?

v6 Updates

I'm working on v6 again. The "project from hell" is over and I'm at a job now that doesn't crush my soul, so I've been a lot more excited about working on BlogCFC again. I hope folks have not given up. The most recent changes to V6 SVN include:

  • The settings file now includes a reloadkey value. This is the key you use in the URL to reload the application. I'm still reloading the app on every hit for now, but this was an old request to help improve security.
  • The application name now uses a hash of the current template path. You do not have to edit the application if you have multiple blogs on your box now. You should edit the settings file to set a proper blogname if you share a db, but you don't have to edit Application.cfc anymore.
  • The red template was updated to demonstrate a 'home' link using $$HOMEURL.
  • Comment support has begun. A new CFC just for comments was added. Comment display isn't done yet. Currently I just dump the query on the page.

Any questions, please let me know. After I get comment display working I'll do another checkin. Then I'll work on the comment form itself. That will be "the end" of templating pretty much and I'll start working back on core functionality again.

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