v6 Updates

I'm working on v6 again. The "project from hell" is over and I'm at a job now that doesn't crush my soul, so I've been a lot more excited about working on BlogCFC again. I hope folks have not given up. The most recent changes to V6 SVN include:

  • The settings file now includes a reloadkey value. This is the key you use in the URL to reload the application. I'm still reloading the app on every hit for now, but this was an old request to help improve security.
  • The application name now uses a hash of the current template path. You do not have to edit the application if you have multiple blogs on your box now. You should edit the settings file to set a proper blogname if you share a db, but you don't have to edit Application.cfc anymore.
  • The red template was updated to demonstrate a 'home' link using $$HOMEURL.
  • Comment support has begun. A new CFC just for comments was added. Comment display isn't done yet. Currently I just dump the query on the page.

Any questions, please let me know. After I get comment display working I'll do another checkin. Then I'll work on the comment form itself. That will be "the end" of templating pretty much and I'll start working back on core functionality again.

Scott P's Gravatar the golden snitch lives....
# Posted By Scott P | 5/27/08 5:08 AM
RebeccaST's Gravatar Ray, glad to see the updates to CFC.
Can you give more examples of how to set up a single CFC install with a single DB to support multiple blogs? You demonstrated a possibility using subdomains like: john.blogcfc.com/index.cfm and jane.blogcfc.com/index.cfm

How would you suggest doing something like www.blogcfc.com/index.cfm?blogid=4 ?

Would need to pass that url var along with every link on the blog...? Thanks
# Posted By RebeccaST | 5/27/08 9:38 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Rebecca - we should be clear on what we mean here.

BlogCFC can run multiple blogs with one DB, and one "org" (or CFC) install. But in this setup you have N "client" folders. That's easy.

The 100% dynamic one isn't quite as easy. In this case you use one client folder. Your first question was how to support it URL wise. There is no right answer to that. That's up to you. What you have to code is the stuff to -check-. So if you use subdomains, like x.foo.com and y.foo.com, your code would check cgi.server_name. Once you get "x" or "y", you can use then pass settings to the constructor area to load the right values. By that I mean - remember that BlogCFC lets you pass an Instance struct. If you do - BlogCFC will not read from the INI file.

Please check my main blog (www.coldfusionjedi.com) as I did an entry on this last year or so. It's not documented very well,but do check the docs. One reason it isn't documented well is that each example of this is -very- specific normally.

You can also download the code for RIAForge where an example of this exists.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 5/27/08 9:46 AM
itcoder's Gravatar Have you intention to implement Threaded comments ? (And also colorated author response under comment ?
# Posted By itcoder | 5/28/08 5:11 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar No. I don't think that makes sense for a blog.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 5/28/08 5:13 AM
itcoder's Gravatar Even myself was not thinking much about that feature, but i was just reading the blog of an ecommerce company (http://blog.livecurrent.com/) that use Serendipity blog software and i think this feature can in "some " blogs add good value to the comments area (serendipity has also a table for authors that can be also very useful, but that is another story i know)
# Posted By itcoder | 5/28/08 5:27 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Yeah, I'm not saying it isn't _ever_ a good idea - just that - I don't see it _often_ being a good idea. ;) Maybe. v6 has a lot going to it but we can add this ot the maybe list.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 5/28/08 5:38 AM
RebeccaST's Gravatar Thanks for the tip, Raymond. I did read that entry on it. The link at RIAFORGE downloads BlogCFC51... how do I get at BlogCFC6? I am pretty sure I had downloaded 6 before but can't remember for the life of me where... :)
# Posted By RebeccaST | 5/28/08 10:43 AM
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 5/28/08 11:07 AM
Joshua Rountree's Gravatar Will there be support for table prefixes / schemas?
# Posted By Joshua Rountree | 7/10/08 5:10 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Yeah I'll definitely do prefixes. What do you mean by schema's though?
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 7/10/08 5:18 AM
Joshua Rountree's Gravatar Well sometimes in SQL server there might be an occasion where a schema might not be the default for a username/password.
> Schemaname.blogtable
> Having a table prefix would fix it because anyone can do Prefix =
> "schemaname."
> And it would work.
> Thanks for the help!
# Posted By Joshua Rountree | 7/10/08 5:49 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar You don't need this as a separate feature really. If you use "foo." for your prefix, then it works the same as the generic feature support.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 7/10/08 6:25 AM
itcoder's Gravatar in the emails caused by subscribing to a thread i'm seeing : ip of poster - i think this line should be included only in the email to the admin - for privacy issues - (in ltaly for sure) i dont know there
# Posted By itcoder | 7/10/08 7:21 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Why is that private? WHenever you hit a site, you send your IP address to it.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 7/11/08 4:10 AM
itcoder's Gravatar Our privacy legislation is a bit paranoid so in this case only the admin (clearly identiefied in the privacy section posted in the site) can view the entire ip of the commenters, the other commenters can only see the first numbers of the ip, ala sitemeter,
where you don't see the entire ip address eg but only the first part : 70.189.33.xxx . Sorry Ray for my broken english :-)
# Posted By itcoder | 7/17/08 3:12 AM
Keelee's Gravatar I'm having the same issue with the privacy of displaying the IP address in the the email. So, we have to remove the IP address from the email. But we also have to store the IP address in the DB (encrypted) and then display the ip address in the IP address decrpted in the admin section (admin/comments.cfm). So far I have it in the Db encrypted but I'm having a hard time decrypting on the admin page in the table. I'm getting this error "An error occurred while trying to encrypt or decrypt your input string: The input and output encodings are not same.". Any advice or ideas?
# Posted By Keelee | 7/30/08 4:28 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Maybe you can post your encryption and decryption lines of code.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 7/30/08 8:58 AM
Joshua's Gravatar Hey - maybe I'm missing something but will V6 have comment response built into the admin area?
I feel silly replying back to a comment and having to enter all my personal info to comment on my own blog... is this the way it will be?
# Posted By Joshua | 8/28/08 12:43 PM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Joshua, just use the Remember My Information checkbox. :)
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 8/28/08 12:47 PM
Joshua's Gravatar Are you seriously saying that's the solution?
I mean, I know you can do that but if I clear my cookies or something...

# Posted By Joshua | 8/28/08 12:48 PM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar BlogCFC only stores your username+Real Name, so we would only be able to populate one field automatically anyway. Why would you clear all your cookies? I mean I can see why in some cases to help keep your privacy, but I see no reason to clear cookies from your own blog.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 8/29/08 6:11 AM
Sam Nicholson's Gravatar Sorry if this has been asked and answered already but will there be captcha images or some kind of anti spam methods/ip tracker on the add trackback form? I dont know if this is happening to anyone else but my blog is getting lots of spammed trackbacks recently
# Posted By Sam Nicholson | 10/21/08 6:05 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar I have not spent time protecting TBs because - per spec - you can add a TB by doing a form post direct to the script - with no protection at all. That may sound silly, but its the TB spec. There isn't much point then protecting the popup window version of TB adding.

Frankly, TBs are ruined because of spammers.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 10/21/08 6:18 AM
Sam Nicholson's Gravatar Ok thank you. I will probably disable them. Its not like my site gets a lot of traffic anyway
# Posted By Sam Nicholson | 10/21/08 6:21 AM
Sam Nicholson's Gravatar I just thought... even if they are disabled and someone posts directly to the script, will it still get written to the DB?
# Posted By Sam Nicholson | 10/21/08 6:23 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Nope - if TBs are disabled, and someone uses the 'direct post' method to add a TB, the data will NOT get saved. Obviously - if you see otherwise, it is a bug. :)
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 10/21/08 6:27 AM
Sam Nicholson's Gravatar Ah cool. That's really good then. I disabled trackbacks on my blog and haven't been spammed since which is good. It's a shame that it has to be disabled. I don't get many people reading my blog but if one of them actually wanted to add a legitimate trackback they can't. Still though, saves me a lot of hassle.
# Posted By Sam Nicholson | 10/22/08 3:38 PM
Steve's Gravatar Hey Ray, when's this mythical Blogcfc 6.0 beast coming out? :)
# Posted By Steve | 4/7/09 9:13 PM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar When I stop adding minor updates and cool little bits of functionality. :)
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 4/7/09 9:15 PM
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