Wednesday's Update

Checked in:

1) We now support pages (dynamic, simple CMS stuff) and the pages used our template system.

2) Comments are now displayed. Please note the RED template was updated, not the green template. The comments.html works much like entries.html, giving you the ability to put stuff on top, between comments, and before the end. Also note the token $$NAME, $$URL, and $$NAMEURL. Name means the commentors name. URL is their website. NAMEURL means: "Return a linked version of the name if they supplied a web site." Most folks will want to use nameurl.

Next up is the comment form, which frankly will be the hardest part of the template system - but also the last.

Oh - and if you look at template.cfc - yes - I have duplicated code in there. I plan a total rewrite of the CFC. I'm happy with the _outside_ user of the code, just not the code inside.

Lastly - has anyone tested BlogCFC5 under MX/MX7 yet? Specifically in regard to this blog entry. Please and thank you.

WilGeno's Gravatar I just tossed the new code at my test blog on CFMX 7.02 Enterprise. The errors I received the other day are gone and the blog now loads after removing the changes I had made that prevent Coldfish from loading anything but CF8.

I have not had the chance to test on Bluedragon 7. I will try to do that this week, but many outside (as in yard) projects are cutting into my programming time.

# Posted By WilGeno | 5/28/08 7:39 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Thanks Will! Now hopefully someone can confirm in MX6 as well.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 5/28/08 7:40 AM
WilGeno's Gravatar Ray, please forgive me a bit. I have not had the time to look at what Coldfish does in BlogCFC (I know it somehow color codes code?). How am I to use this in BlogCFC? Does it auto-detect code in blog posts or do I have to wrap the code in special tags?

# Posted By WilGeno | 5/28/08 7:43 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Write a new blog entry and add

put some random CF or html code in here

Then view the entry on the front end.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 5/28/08 7:46 AM
WilGeno's Gravatar Thanks Ray - that is on the 'difficult side' ;-)

I just added a blog entry on my test blog and it color codes very well on CF7.

# Posted By WilGeno | 5/28/08 7:50 AM
Aaron West's Gravatar Boy was I just confused!! For some reason this entry JUST TODAY (April 7, 2009) showed up in NetNewsWire. I clicked the link in NetNewsWire and loaded the post. I was real confused about the content of the post so I checked the latest version via SVN and nothing has changed since I last updated to 5.9.3 revision 176.

Not sure why the post (dated in 2008) just now showed up, but I'm glad I wasn't missing something.
# Posted By Aaron West | 4/7/09 6:12 PM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar If only it was Wednesday. :>
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 4/7/09 6:14 PM
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