5.9.1 Done. Really.

That's it. 5.9.1 is done and in SVN. This is really the final release. No more mods. I'll do a more formal blog post tonight, but if you want the bits, get the latest.


  • Brian Kotek added the ability to moderate (approve) comments via email. This now means you can delete or approve comments via email w/o logging in.
  • Bug fix in entry editing and related entries.
  • A minor thing that annoyed me - if you search for fOo, and match on foo, the display on the search page showed fOo, not the original case.

Final 5.9.1 Released to SVN

The title says it all. The final build of BlogCFC 5.9.1 is now checked in. This includes:

  • Brian Meloche's Podcasting support
  • Ability to manually set the enclosure
  • A few bug fixes

Note - this "final" build really isn't final per se. I need to update the DB install scripts and update the instructions for some of the new features. Please give it a test guys!

BlogCFC 5.9.1

The initial work for BlogCFC 5.9.1 is checked into the SVN repository at RIAForge. This is not the complete 5.9.1 build. The plan is to release 5.9.1 by the 15th. Included in this build is:

  • One click comment kills. Now when the admin gets an email, he can click a link in the email to instantly kill the comment. No need to logon.
  • Ability to subscribe to entries without writing a comment.
  • Small thing that bugged me - the Entries link in the admin now uses the SES url.

Please see the readme for more detailed information and please note you must modify your database. I included a txt file about the upgrade. The SQL scripts aren't updated yet.

What's coming for the rest of 5.9.1? Podcasting support.

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