BlogCFC Released

I'm going to be lazy and just paste in the release notes. I'm watching the trampoline event at the Olympics while I do this - and you know what? The trampoline is freaking cool. Anyway, here is the 001 release for 5.9.1:

/client/stats.cfm - Oracle fixes (thanks to Steven Tomcavage)
/client/index.cfm - Forgot to use #application.rooturl# in podcasting support - thanks to Marion Bass
/org/camden/blog/blog.cfc - Include author name in emails
/install/mysql.sql - Changed the text fields in entries (body, morebody) to longtext. It may be a good idea for you to manually update your table.
/xmlrpc/xmlrpc.cfm - when deleting, clear cache
/client/tags/textarea.cfm - make the custom tag correctly handle a closing tag
/client/admin/page.cfm - Use the textarea custom tag. For those who modded textarea to use an RTE, it adds RTE to the page editor.

And now for the really important announcement - Meet the BlogCFC Team

BlogCFC isn't me. It may have been me - back in the 1.0 days, but for a very long time now BlogCFC has had the help of numerous people in the community. This has helped BlogCFC grow incredibly, and for that, a lot of praise goes to those of you reading this blog.

I've mentioned many times why V6 is taking so long, but I've decided that I really need to stop making excuses and recognize the fact that BlogCFC needs to change formally in order to grow.

So I asked for help to a set of friends and colleagues who I thought would be a good addition to the team. The idea here was simple. Set up roles and responsibilities and then step out of the way. I ensured they all had all the access they needed and now I will no longer be a stop gap to BlogCFC development. BlogCFC is no longer me. Thank God.

So who are the foolsvaliant volunteers? Meet the Management Team:

  • Architect/Team Leader: Me. Basically I'll spend most of my time at the model layer and serve as the development director.
  • Website Manager: Charlie Griefer. The idea is to change BlogCFC from a blog into a real product site. Things like docs, release notes, screen shots, etc.
  • Installer: Scott Pinkston. Yes, there will be an installer for BlogCFC. Now stop asking! (Or keep asking, but bug Scott. ;)
  • Admin: Scott Stroz. I don't have huge changes planned here, but I do want to make it a bit prettier. My #1 goal though is to ensure that writing blog entries is as quick and simple as possible.
  • Themes: Dan Vega. As folks know, Themes are a part of V6. Partial theme support is already done. Dan will be responsible for more of the maintenance side of this - and some of that is going to be revealed in later builds of V6.
  • Testing/QA: Brian Kotek. This is two fold - writing unit tests and massaging incoming bugs (removing dupes, etc). This will be easy since BlogCFC has no bugs and runs perfectly all the time.
  • Documentation: Lola J. Beno. Lola has already helped with the docs before, so she was a natural fit.

So - there ya go. The team. Let me personally say thank you to them all!

New rendering support in V6

I've just checked into the V6 SVN repo the new render support for BlogCFC. This is a major new way to do plugins for BlogCFC. I've long had a way to dynamically add support for <foo> type tags. This was done via CFCs, yet no one actually ever used this feature. I didn't really document it so that's my fault.

In V6, you can now add support for tags via custom tags. Let me give you an example. In the render/content folder you will find a custom tag named code.cfm. The mere existence of this tag will make BlogCFC entries (and pages) recognize <code> in your data. You can pass any arbitrary argument in the code tag, <code style="sql">, and they will be passed as arguments to the tag. Also, if you do:


(FYI, "fcode" is there because I just realized I probably can't use the code block in BlogCFC to demo a code block. ;)

Anything inside the tag will be passed to the custom tag as the content argument. So here is the code support as it stands now:

<cfparam name="attributes.format" default="coldfusion">
<cfparam name="attributes.content" default="">

<cfif not len(attributes.content)>

<cfif attributes.format is "plain">
<span style="font-weight: bold; color: ##ee0000">

Where it gets cool is - in the next update, I'll add support for:

<script src="something.js">

This will make it so you can include JS files and even if 2 instances of the tag are run, the JS files are included only once.

Anyway, the point of all of this is to make doing plugins/add-ins for BlogCFC significantly easier.

Comments welcome.

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