BlogCFC Released

I'm going to be lazy and just paste in the release notes. I'm watching the trampoline event at the Olympics while I do this - and you know what? The trampoline is freaking cool. Anyway, here is the 001 release for 5.9.1:

/client/stats.cfm - Oracle fixes (thanks to Steven Tomcavage)
/client/index.cfm - Forgot to use #application.rooturl# in podcasting support - thanks to Marion Bass
/org/camden/blog/blog.cfc - Include author name in emails
/install/mysql.sql - Changed the text fields in entries (body, morebody) to longtext. It may be a good idea for you to manually update your table.
/xmlrpc/xmlrpc.cfm - when deleting, clear cache
/client/tags/textarea.cfm - make the custom tag correctly handle a closing tag
/client/admin/page.cfm - Use the textarea custom tag. For those who modded textarea to use an RTE, it adds RTE to the page editor.

Israel's Gravatar Thank for this excelent tool. There is a small misspelling in a field in the MSACESS file. In the tblBlogEntries, the field "durarion", should change to "duration".
# Posted By Israel | 8/18/08 12:24 PM
Robert Owen's Gravatar I just have to say, the new approve comment feature from the e-mail notification is AWESOME!!! Now, I can approve comments from my phone!! w00t!!
# Posted By Robert Owen | 8/19/08 12:19 PM
walt's Gravatar quick question:
Does blogCFC still rely on creating an instance of a java function? I'm on a cheap hosting plan, and the only object I'm able to create is an instance of a cfc.
(or if there's a workaround now, I'd be for that)
I really dug blogCFC, and would like to use it again.

# Posted By walt | 8/21/08 9:36 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Yep. For localization and captcha support. You can turn off captcha of course. Removing the localization support would be more difficult.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 8/21/08 9:37 AM
walt's Gravatar in that case, it's probably time to reassess my plan and whatnot. The tags that got taken away in a shared environment are making it difficult to do other things, as well.
Thanks for the quick reply, Ray!
# Posted By walt | 8/21/08 9:39 AM
Robert A. Owen's Gravatar In the settings area of the site... what information is needed in the "Ping" section. I have two sites I ping upon update.. technorati and odiogo. I put their ping urls in the ping section but they never update with that.. What else should go in there?
# Posted By Robert A. Owen | 8/27/08 2:32 PM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar If you use the web based admin, its one URL per line.
If you edit the file manually, use commas.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 8/27/08 2:33 PM
Robert A. Owen's Gravatar I use the web based admin for this and they are entered one line at a time... Let me look at the cfm file and see they are actually entered they way they should be.
# Posted By Robert A. Owen | 8/27/08 2:42 PM
Robert A. Owen's Gravatar they are correct in the cfm .. but it doesn't appear to work for me. beyond the url ex. :
what other information is required?
# Posted By Robert A. Owen | 8/27/08 2:46 PM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Nothing is required. BlogCFC will hit those guys via HTTP when you make a new blog post. Maybe they aren't working. ;)
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 8/27/08 2:47 PM
Kevin's Gravatar I want to allow my customers to create a blog on their own sites with a single install of BlogCFC. The preference is to give them "" as their blog. Can BlogCFC do this?
# Posted By Kevin | 9/12/08 8:16 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Yes, but not w/o touching the code. What I did for this was to make it easier to do. Since every "" is different, I just tried to make sure the code base _could_ support it.

The basic idea is to pass a struct of data, set at runtime, to the blog initializer, to set up blog metadata. This is talked about in the docs a bit. You can also download the code for (from the faq) which shows how I do the blogs there.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 9/12/08 9:06 AM
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