BlogCFC Released

I'm going to be lazy and just paste in the release notes. I'm watching the trampoline event at the Olympics while I do this - and you know what? The trampoline is freaking cool. Anyway, here is the 001 release for 5.9.1:

/client/stats.cfm - Oracle fixes (thanks to Steven Tomcavage)
/client/index.cfm - Forgot to use #application.rooturl# in podcasting support - thanks to Marion Bass
/org/camden/blog/blog.cfc - Include author name in emails
/install/mysql.sql - Changed the text fields in entries (body, morebody) to longtext. It may be a good idea for you to manually update your table.
/xmlrpc/xmlrpc.cfm - when deleting, clear cache
/client/tags/textarea.cfm - make the custom tag correctly handle a closing tag
/client/admin/page.cfm - Use the textarea custom tag. For those who modded textarea to use an RTE, it adds RTE to the page editor.

Israel's Gravatar Thank for this excelent tool. There is a small misspelling in a field in the MSACESS file. In the tblBlogEntries, the field "durarion", should change to "duration".
# Posted By Israel | 8/18/08 12:24 PM
Robert Owen's Gravatar I just have to say, the new approve comment feature from the e-mail notification is AWESOME!!! Now, I can approve comments from my phone!! w00t!!
# Posted By Robert Owen | 8/19/08 12:19 PM
walt's Gravatar quick question:
Does blogCFC still rely on creating an instance of a java function? I'm on a cheap hosting plan, and the only object I'm able to create is an instance of a cfc.
(or if there's a workaround now, I'd be for that)
I really dug blogCFC, and would like to use it again.

# Posted By walt | 8/21/08 9:36 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Yep. For localization and captcha support. You can turn off captcha of course. Removing the localization support would be more difficult.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 8/21/08 9:37 AM
walt's Gravatar in that case, it's probably time to reassess my plan and whatnot. The tags that got taken away in a shared environment are making it difficult to do other things, as well.
Thanks for the quick reply, Ray!
# Posted By walt | 8/21/08 9:39 AM
Robert A. Owen's Gravatar In the settings area of the site... what information is needed in the "Ping" section. I have two sites I ping upon update.. technorati and odiogo. I put their ping urls in the ping section but they never update with that.. What else should go in there?
# Posted By Robert A. Owen | 8/27/08 2:32 PM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar If you use the web based admin, its one URL per line.
If you edit the file manually, use commas.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 8/27/08 2:33 PM
Robert A. Owen's Gravatar I use the web based admin for this and they are entered one line at a time... Let me look at the cfm file and see they are actually entered they way they should be.
# Posted By Robert A. Owen | 8/27/08 2:42 PM
Robert A. Owen's Gravatar they are correct in the cfm .. but it doesn't appear to work for me. beyond the url ex. :
what other information is required?
# Posted By Robert A. Owen | 8/27/08 2:46 PM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Nothing is required. BlogCFC will hit those guys via HTTP when you make a new blog post. Maybe they aren't working. ;)
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 8/27/08 2:47 PM
Kevin's Gravatar I want to allow my customers to create a blog on their own sites with a single install of BlogCFC. The preference is to give them "" as their blog. Can BlogCFC do this?
# Posted By Kevin | 9/12/08 8:16 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Yes, but not w/o touching the code. What I did for this was to make it easier to do. Since every "" is different, I just tried to make sure the code base _could_ support it.

The basic idea is to pass a struct of data, set at runtime, to the blog initializer, to set up blog metadata. This is talked about in the docs a bit. You can also download the code for (from the faq) which shows how I do the blogs there.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 9/12/08 9:06 AM
Kevin's Gravatar What I mean is, I would set up a subdomain for each customer like on the web server, then ideally use cgi.server_name to determine what blog to display. All subdomains would be pointed to the same directory on the server.
# Posted By Kevin | 9/22/08 4:05 PM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Yep, so again, this is doable, but you do have to modify the core code a bit. What I built into BlogCFC was support to make this a bit easier essentially.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 9/22/08 4:09 PM
sean's Gravatar Hello, thank you so much for a great platform to start blogging. Finally one that allows us to start with enough featuers to be powerful, yet raw CF code to make changes we deem appropriate.

TO any beginners, don't forget to move the "images" directory in the admin diretory to get CAPTCHA image to work!
# Posted By sean | 9/24/08 12:21 PM
Forrest Fisher's Gravatar Greetings,
I am just getting started with blogcfc although I've used other blog software previously. I have several suggestions but my first situation is that I would like to change all of the <form tags to <cfform tags. I did an extended replace and did just that. Generally, everything is fine except that in several locations the <cfoutput> tags are not properly nested inside the <cfform and errors result. I don't see any reason why the <cfoutput> tags are not nested correctly and when I fix them everything is fine.

So, my question to you is can we update this to use <cfform tags? If I do it can I send the version back in to update the current version being developed?

I've never participated in a group development project like blogcfc and I imagine I'm violating protocol or stepping on toes. Please forgive the rookie!

Thanks for your consideration of this.
# Posted By Forrest Fisher | 10/23/08 12:52 PM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar @Forest - No worries at all about protocol. In _general_ enhancement requests and bug reports should be reported at There is an issue tracker there that is perfect for stuff like this. But I don't mind your comment here.

As to - do I want to use your code w/ cfform - the answer is no. I rarely use cfform and I don't want to start using it in BlogCFC.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 10/23/08 1:01 PM
Eroc Roberts's Gravatar I am having a bit of an issue...not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here I go. I use a fusebox-like structure on mu site. The structure has the blogcfc folder in the root. When i call a page, i call it by specifiying a "body" page in the index.cfm in the root. So the link to the blog would be index.cfm?bodypage=/blogcfc/client/index.cfm. I am getting an error saying that iscoldfusionmx is not defined. It is coming from the tag directory (root\blogcfc\client\tags\getmode.cfm) Looking at the execute times, it looks like the application.cfm's are getting ignored. Any ideas as to why this is happening?

You can see the error at (eventually will be a site for World of Warcraft guilds to house thier out for the dust and construction is a work in progress that I just got started on). Just click on the blog link. The login/password is admin and test. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

# Posted By Eroc Roberts | 11/7/08 7:45 PM
Eroc Roberts's Gravatar nevermind...I don't think I am going to be able to do what I want...I'll just have to modify the layout so that it will match the rest of the site instead of using my usual methods. I sort of got it working, but didn't like the way it looked. I guess when you include something from another directory, it doesn't also include the application.cfm :-(

# Posted By Eroc Roberts | 11/7/08 9:22 PM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Yep, a cfinclude will not execute application.cfm. Only HTTP requests will.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 11/7/08 9:30 PM
Mark Ireland's Gravatar I moved my blogcfc to and the captcha didnt work (no image appeared)

Can anyone tell me what might cause this?

# Posted By Mark Ireland | 11/22/08 7:39 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar If you right click on the broken image and do 'view in new tab' or view in new window, you should see a full error.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 11/23/08 9:15 PM
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