And now for the really important announcement - Meet the BlogCFC Team

BlogCFC isn't me. It may have been me - back in the 1.0 days, but for a very long time now BlogCFC has had the help of numerous people in the community. This has helped BlogCFC grow incredibly, and for that, a lot of praise goes to those of you reading this blog.

I've mentioned many times why V6 is taking so long, but I've decided that I really need to stop making excuses and recognize the fact that BlogCFC needs to change formally in order to grow.

So I asked for help to a set of friends and colleagues who I thought would be a good addition to the team. The idea here was simple. Set up roles and responsibilities and then step out of the way. I ensured they all had all the access they needed and now I will no longer be a stop gap to BlogCFC development. BlogCFC is no longer me. Thank God.

So who are the foolsvaliant volunteers? Meet the Management Team:

  • Architect/Team Leader: Me. Basically I'll spend most of my time at the model layer and serve as the development director.
  • Website Manager: Charlie Griefer. The idea is to change BlogCFC from a blog into a real product site. Things like docs, release notes, screen shots, etc.
  • Installer: Scott Pinkston. Yes, there will be an installer for BlogCFC. Now stop asking! (Or keep asking, but bug Scott. ;)
  • Admin: Scott Stroz. I don't have huge changes planned here, but I do want to make it a bit prettier. My #1 goal though is to ensure that writing blog entries is as quick and simple as possible.
  • Themes: Dan Vega. As folks know, Themes are a part of V6. Partial theme support is already done. Dan will be responsible for more of the maintenance side of this - and some of that is going to be revealed in later builds of V6.
  • Testing/QA: Brian Kotek. This is two fold - writing unit tests and massaging incoming bugs (removing dupes, etc). This will be easy since BlogCFC has no bugs and runs perfectly all the time.
  • Documentation: Lola J. Beno. Lola has already helped with the docs before, so she was a natural fit.

So - there ya go. The team. Let me personally say thank you to them all!

Leif Wells's Gravatar Congrats to you and your team!

I look forward to hearing about progress on v6.

Good luck and thanks.

# Posted By Leif Wells | 8/7/08 7:51 AM
Jake Munson's Gravatar This is very cool and all...but who's the mascot??
# Posted By Jake Munson | 8/7/08 8:42 AM
Joshua Rountree's Gravatar Can I do the website/ui graphics/css?
Or is there already someone for that?
# Posted By Joshua Rountree | 8/9/08 4:58 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar You can definitely recommend or design - just work with Charlie G. He's the man.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 8/9/08 5:05 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Please pardon - test comment.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 8/9/08 10:07 AM
Joshua Rountree's Gravatar I'm sorry, I didn't see the website manager in the list!
Man I must be blind today. If you want - I cant throw together some ideas and post them up for everyone to see.

I don't mind spending a few on it.
# Posted By Joshua Rountree | 8/9/08 10:13 AM
Joshua Rountree's Gravatar OMG, I meant "I can"
# Posted By Joshua Rountree | 8/9/08 10:14 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar I'll let CJ (Charlie G) respond to that.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 8/9/08 10:54 AM
Joshua Rountree's Gravatar Okay... here is something i through together:

Just ideas - I created the logo with illustrator and the pencil so you can have it if you like it.
I'll email you the illustrator & psd file if you like it.

Just a thought!
# Posted By Joshua Rountree | 8/9/08 11:59 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar I'll let CJ speak up, but your design uses a logo that doesn't match the blogcfc logo (the leaf thingy). which I know you can't even see here on this blog, but it does exist. :)
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 8/9/08 1:20 PM
charlie griefer's Gravatar *ahem* (speaking up)... :)

hey joshua...

i haven't started thinking (much) about the design yet. as ray mentioned in the announcement, one of the goals here is to move the site away from being "just" a blogCFC instance to an actual web site dedicated to the product. once we get to that "website/ui graphics/css" part tho, i'll likely need all the help i can get :)

i figured i'd look for a few layouts on one of the "free css template" sites, and let the team vote on which one they like best. design is subjective, so i'd prefer a group consensus on that piece of it. maybe putting a poll up here to get the general public's input would be a good idea as well.

regarding your sample images... i like 'em a lot. the pencil in the 'BlogCFC' title is a nice touch. but as ray said... blogcfc already has a logo. branding the product is ray's call (which i guess is kinda fair given that he's put a small amount of time into writing it) :)

moving forward i'll keep folks in the loop (via posting here) as much as possible. when we get to the point of implementing the design, which i expect would mainly consist of making modifications to an existing template), i'd be more than happy to ping you.

any design suggestions/ideas, feel free to throw 'em my way as well. always open to suggestions (especially when it comes to design, which i excel at sucking at) :)
# Posted By charlie griefer | 8/9/08 1:59 PM
Joshua Rountree's Gravatar Okay sounds good.
No need to get a template site design. It's what I do for a living so I don't think downloading a template is very tasteful.

The logo swamp is fine, I was just throwing some ideas out there.

As for doing the design for the site, I could easily design a few different ideas.
For product sites like this I typically have some jQuery Slider on the homepage outlining simplicity or features and some standard links like you see in the image example I sent you.

Haven't looked at the leaf logo lately but it might need a little bit of freshing up.

Hope all is well and thanks for considering it.

# Posted By Joshua Rountree | 8/9/08 3:13 PM
Bill Wheatley's Gravatar I'd suggest putting some (NOLOCK) in your queries if you are using a MSSQL datasource. With a large # of posts the queries start to drag a bit.

Datasource=blog, Time=950ms, Records=218)

     , tblblogentries.title,
                  dateAdd(hh, -1, tblblogentries.posted) as posted,
     , tblblogentries.allowcomments,
               tblblogentries.enclosure, tblblogentries.filesize, tblblogentries.mimetype, tblblogentries.released, tblblogentries.views
            , tblblogentries.body, tblblogentries.morebody
         from   tblblogentries, tblusers
         where      1=1
                  and blog = ?
                  and tblblogentries.username = tblusers.username
               and         posted <?
         and         released = 1
         order by    tblblogentries.posted desc
# Posted By Bill Wheatley | 8/11/08 3:19 PM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Interesting - one thing though - this blog entry isn't really appropriate for suggestions like this. Can you post this again once we have public V6 forums?
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 8/11/08 3:24 PM
charlie griefer's Gravatar @joshua:

hey, if you're interested in putting together some templates, that'd be awesome. i couldn't design my way out of a paper bag, so the free css template sites are normally my first stop.

your call. if you've got the time and inclination, feel free put something together. if not, no worries.

thanks :)
# Posted By charlie griefer | 8/13/08 10:41 PM
Marc's Gravatar Super bonne idée, blogcfc va passer à la vitesse supérieure !
# Posted By Marc | 8/16/08 3:22 AM
Tomas Fjetland's Gravatar Good news! I do hope that you guys (Scott P. maybe most of all) include an import feature in the installer. Specifically, by the time v6 is released, I think an import from MangoBlog might be essential.
# Posted By Tomas Fjetland | 9/10/08 11:19 PM
Brendon's Gravatar Love to get an estimate of when we might see a release of V6...have more than a handful of blogs to set up on my plate, and would love to take the new version for a spin.
# Posted By Brendon | 10/20/08 3:22 PM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Not yet, no. I've made some progress on templating (it's real close now), but thats it. Work has been kicking my butt this Fall.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 10/21/08 6:19 AM
Chris's Gravatar Any update on version 6?
# Posted By Chris | 1/22/09 8:14 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Not yet, sorry. Still putting out 5.9.x releases though. Rey Bango sent some good functionality that I'll be rolling out this weekend.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 1/22/09 8:26 AM
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