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I know it's been a long time since my last release (sorry!), but I just released to RIAForge. I've also included a copy here as one reader had issues downloading the code.

This release has support for Tweetbacks, or Twitter trackbacks, a very cool feature that makes use of SweetTweets ( from Adam Tuttle. I'm a tiny bit concerned about the delay getting the data. It isn't too bad at all, maybe 2 seconds or so, and cached, but I may look at improving the performance with BlogCFC a bit. For example, I may do the hit using cfthread under CF8. So the first hit would fire off the process to get the data, but you wouldn't see it ON the page until the data is ready. Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I kinda like that approach.

That being said though - folks - give it a try and let me know what you think.

p.s. The readme forgets to mention it, and thanks to Jeff Coughlin for pointing out, you need to copy org/sweettweets to your server.

Adam Tuttle's Gravatar Couldn't wait for the point release, eh?

That is an interesting idea: doing the tweetback data lookup in a background thread and displaying nothing for the first page load... Maybe I'll include that in the *next* point release... this one will be ready once I finalize the list of url shortening services to include (which really means which ones to remove, since I added about a dozen but then it was *WAY* too slow...)

Anyway, 1.4.1 should be out later tonight or tomorrow morning, and 1.4.2 (with the background thread lookup for CF8 users) later in the week.
# Posted By Adam Tuttle | 3/30/09 8:34 PM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar I'm impatient. ;) I wouldn't tweak your code at all. I was thinking of tweaking my _use_ of your code. I think that makes more sense. No need to clutter your code up with it since it works just fine.

The main issue is handling CF6 and 7. For those I simply won't do the background processing. The code just gets a tiny bit messier.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 3/30/09 8:46 PM
Adam Tuttle's Gravatar Good point. Instead of adding it to the CFC, maybe I'll add it to the mango plugin.
# Posted By Adam Tuttle | 3/30/09 8:58 PM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar I _know_ you didn't mention some other blog on MY blog, did you?!??!?! ;)
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 3/30/09 8:59 PM
Francois Levesque's Gravatar Can't we all just get along? :P
# Posted By Francois Levesque | 3/31/09 6:03 AM
Dan G. Switzer, II's Gravatar Well I'm not sure I'll even use the Tweetback code or not, I was thinking maybe a better caching mechanism might be to load the Tweetbacks via AJAX it's not cached (if it's cached, just embed it in the page.)

This would offload the processing a bit and at least not delay rendering of the content when the cache is empty.

The downside is the Tweekback code might not get indexed by search engines (since non-cached Tweetbacks would never be rendered), but I'm not sure that's really that bad of an issue.
# Posted By Dan G. Switzer, II | 3/31/09 8:57 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar You know, Ajax would be a simple solution, and would work in all versions of CF. My only worry is - it would 'push' content down when loaded. I can see getting annoyed by that if I was reading the comments of an entry.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 4/1/09 6:49 AM
Henry Ho's Gravatar Can the next version of BlogCFC have some better anti-spaming measures for blog comments? Many blog comments I subscribed to would get Spam every other day on average.
# Posted By Henry Ho | 4/1/09 12:16 PM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Are you using cfformprotect? That was added to BlogCFC a few versions back and -greatly- increases the spam protection.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 4/2/09 6:14 AM
Adam Tuttle's Gravatar The Mango plugin version of SweetTweets has an option to load tweetbacks via ajax, and I find it very unobtrusive. In truth, the slowest part of the whole process is looking up the various short urls for the post, which requires several cfhttp hits to the service API's... But if properly configured, they will be cached.
# Posted By Adam Tuttle | 4/7/09 6:24 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Are you saying that, if you load a blog entry, and are looking at a comment, there won't be a "bump" as the STs load?
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 4/7/09 6:29 AM
Adam Tuttle's Gravatar Well, no, the page does technically grow after load is complete. In general though, I've found that it happens fast enough (2-3 seconds) that it's done before I scroll down that far. If you wanted to get fancy, you could gently slide it in with jQuery or something.
# Posted By Adam Tuttle | 4/7/09 11:36 AM
Russell Dove's Gravatar I'm trying to post BlogCFC entries to Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. Does anyone have any suggestions?
# Posted By Russell Dove | 6/4/09 5:17 PM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Well you could do it manually of course. ;) Um, so Twitter wouldn't be hard. You could image the entry editor simply asking you if you wanted to auto-post to Twitter. It would need to generate a short URL though.

All in all, this is interesting, and could be considered for BlogCFC6.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 6/6/09 9:23 AM
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