BlogCFC Update - First in 2010

Welcome to the first update to BlogCFC in 2010. Version (available here) includes some important updates:

  • Andreas Schuldhaus provided XHTML fixes for the front end. Now folks know that I'm not a huge fan of XHTML. I mean I'm not against it of course, I just don't see the big deal. However, I do know it is important to some folks, and Andreas did all the work for me, so I couldn't say no! I'll try my best to ensure future client updates don't break this.
  • The next change is a minor one, but I think it is important. As you know, BlogCFC has long supported Pages. These are simple free form things. You can use them for whatever. An "About Me" page for example. I made a slight change to the database (see the readme) to support pages with no layout. This means you can create a page and set it to not use the blog's main layout. You can then put in any HTML you want. You could also use a META tag to link to a binary file. You get the idea. While I don't pretend BlogCFC is a CMS, I do think this will help folks who want to work with content that isn't in blog entries.
  • There were some critical performance fixes. First, Gary Funk updated the MySQL and SQL Server install scripts. This came about from issues I discovered in getting data for recent comments. It only seemed to impact databases with large numbers of entries. (By the way, the recent comments pod is now cached.) Gary did a butt load of updates here and it should help for those of us with larger databases. Secondly - I found a pretty dumb error in the code that handles mailing subscribers. I plan on blogging it today (back on my blog).
  • Lastly, I've updated ColdFish to the latest version. It now supports switching back and forth to a plain text version.

Enjoy, and I hope 2010 brings many new improvements and features to BlogCFC!

Anthony's Gravatar Dear Ray

First of all all the best for 2010 and beyond, I am glad the worst decade is gone but I am afraid of the spending of the Obama administration and the influcence that has on us all. But enough. how do you upgrade an already live blog. What is the procedure for dummies.

PS are you available to add in a FCK editor wysiwyg in the administrative backend.

# Posted By Anthony | 1/1/10 5:36 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar The normal procedure is: Look at the list of files modified (see readme.txt) and copy those files over. If you have modified your own files, you need to be more careful. In this release, there was also a database change. Multiple i mean. One change was the addition of a new column. Again, the readme tells you the column name, etc. The other DB changes were performance ones. You can look at the install script and compare - or you can choose to ignore. While important, you don't HAVE to do those.

As for adding FCK, I'm 200% booked. :) Maybe someone else will see this and volunteer? I'm considering shipping tinyMCE with BlogCFC. I know I've been anti RTE for years, but with so many people asking, I figure it can't hurt.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 1/1/10 6:03 AM
Gary Funk's Gravatar I'll give it a go, Ray.
# Posted By Gary Funk | 1/1/10 9:48 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Give what a go?
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 1/1/10 2:53 PM
Anthony Katgert's Gravatar Perhaps Gary you ment me ? help me out
# Posted By Anthony Katgert | 1/1/10 11:47 PM
Fiddlesticks's Gravatar Apologies if this has already been spotted, but downloaded BlogCFC yesterday and installed on a Bluedragon/MySQL system.

I wasn't getting any admin functionality when logging in as admin. At first I thought there was an error on line 2216 (in the function getUserBlogRoles) in org/camden/blog/blog.cfc.

But actually, the SQL which populated my database with roles was getting role and id the wrong way around

INSERT INTO `tblblogroles` VALUES ('AddCategory','7F183B27-FEDE-0D6F-E2E9C35DBC7BFF19','The ability to create a new category when editing a blog entry.'),
('ManageCategories','7F197F53-CFF7-18C8-53D0C85FCC2CA3F9','The ability to manage blog categories.'),
('Admin','7F25A20B-EE6D-612D-24A7C0CEE6483EC2','A special role for the admin. Allows all functionality.'),
('ManageUsers','7F26DA6C-9F03-567F-ACFD34F62FB77199','The ability to manage blog users.'),
('ReleaseEntries','800CA7AA-0190-5329-D3C7753A59EA2589','The ability to both release a new entry and edit any released entry.');

adding (role,id,description) before the word VALUES seems to help
# Posted By Fiddlesticks | 1/4/10 9:59 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Sounds like an easy enough fix - would you mind adding this to the script and emailing me the file? ray @ camdenfamily dot com.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 1/4/10 10:01 AM
Gary Funk's Gravatar Ah shoot, That's my fault Ray. I need to see if I caused any more problems like that.
# Posted By Gary Funk | 1/4/10 1:59 PM
Kumar's Gravatar Ray,
Can you tell me what was new in the table structure, so I can make an update for Access? Was it only the showlayout field on tblblogpages?
# Posted By Kumar | 1/7/10 4:00 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Yes, I can tell you, but note that the readme.txt _always_ tells you what was added, as it does this time. :) Yes, the change (outside of the changes Gary Funk did performance wise) was the new column in the pages table.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 1/7/10 4:01 AM
Kumar's Gravatar Thanks, I just wanted to be sure that thats all there was in terms of table structure changes.
# Posted By Kumar | 1/7/10 4:35 AM
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