I just released a minor update to BlogCFC. This includes fixes by Gary Funk, minor tweaks here and there, and an updated SweetTweets/ColdFish plugin.

Bryan's Gravatar Wow, this is broke bad :(
MSSQL Script missing tables tbluserroles and tblblogroles (even though readme says at least tblblogroles is in there). Even after creating these and doing the manual seeding I can't get it to work. Also readme references a 'blog' variable, but not sure what to enter there. It's not defined anywhere that I can tell. Anyway here is the error I'm getting when trying to hit blog "Invalid token '{' found on line 43 at column 38. ". When trying to hit the admin the logon page comes up but just goes back to same logon after putting in the username and password.
# Posted By Bryan | 1/28/10 8:24 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar 1) I'm looking at the SQL Server install script. I clearly see CREATE TABELE for tbluseroles. I also see it for tblblogroles. Are you sure you are using the right install script?

2) What part of the readme do you mean? Can you give me the line #? Also note the readme is primarily for people upgrading. It details changes from build to build. If you are doing a fresh install, you can ignore it.

3) As to your error, can you provide more detail? What template is that being reported with?
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 1/28/10 8:30 AM
Bryan's Gravatar Now I feel REALLY stupid. The sqlscript was from an older version... I SWEAR I checked that 2-3 times :) I ran the correct sqlscript and can now get into the admin section. This is a fresh install BTW. However when going to the home page I still get the error.
Invalid token '{' found on line 43 at column 38.
The CFML compiler was processing:
* a cfset tag beginning on line 43, column 18.
* a cfset tag beginning on line 43, column 18.
# Posted By Bryan | 1/28/10 8:40 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar I still need more info. The error should report a file name.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 1/28/10 8:44 AM
Bryan's Gravatar You can see it at
# Posted By Bryan | 1/28/10 8:45 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Ahah. A bit of CF8 only code snuck in. In index.cfm, find:

      <cfset articleData = {}>

and change it to

      <cfset articleData = structNew()>
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 1/28/10 8:47 AM
Bryan's Gravatar That did it. Thank you!
# Posted By Bryan | 1/28/10 8:53 AM
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