BlogCFC 5.9.6

BlogCFC 5.9.6 was just released to RIAForge. This is a pretty important update. I encourage everyone to upgrade. Changes include:

  • Jeff Braunstein added a 'view by author' feature. For blogs with multiple authors, you can now support a view of just one author's entries.
  • Jeff Braunstein also changed the 'crud' at the bottom (send to Digg, etc). He changed it to AddThis, which I think is a much more elegant.
  • Ok, so both of the previous items may not interest you. However, while I was doing some debugging I was surprised to see how many queries were being run on every request. I did a lot of digging and found numerous queries I could site. In fact, the blog entry page went from something like 27 or so queries per view to 6. While none of these queries were slow, they added up. According to ColdFire, te total time spent on DB work went from something like 65% to 15%. All in all, things should run faster.

Steve 'Cutter' Blades's Gravatar Very nice. Especially the query bit.

BTW, I just noticed on this blog that the view count on the main page for this entry did not match the view count in the entry. Maybe just timing...
# Posted By Steve 'Cutter' Blades | 4/29/10 3:06 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Intentional - the main page is cached -heavily-. I don't consider a 'entry has 1 more view' to be worthy of clearing the cache on the home page. :)

FYI, this blog will be updated to 5.9.6 in about 20 minutes.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 4/29/10 3:13 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar And it's done... I screw up a few things, but that's my fault for doing updates on a production server. I need to tweak the pods a bit.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 4/29/10 3:45 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Oh and TweetBacks are enabled but not firing the XHR.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 4/29/10 3:45 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Ok, small bug w/ TweetBacks. Will fix at lunch.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 4/29/10 3:52 AM
ajw93's Gravatar Shweet. We have a hacked-up implementation of AddThis already, it will be nice to have it streamlined and get rid of our mess!
# Posted By ajw93 | 5/7/10 8:41 AM
Russ's Gravatar I haven't updated my blog in a long time, it is running version 5.5.002, is this a straight forward upgrade or am I likley to have issues ?
# Posted By Russ | 7/20/10 10:01 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar It is no different than it ever was - you go to the readme, find your version, and "move " up. :) You are pretty far behind so it will be painful a bit.

Hold off until later today though. I've got a minor, but nice, update coming out. Blog owners who are logged in get to skip CAPTCHA checks and if you have moderation turned on, your comments are auto posted.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 7/20/10 10:03 AM
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