Google Group versus Forums

I don't get quite a lot of support requests for BlogCFC (everyone is leaving for Mango ;) but I was thinking it may make sense to shut down the old forums and switch to joom. That's something that I think could be easier for folks to use.


Would anyone actually join up even if just to help others?

Would it help foster discussion on updates, changes?


Charlie Arehart's Gravatar Hey Ray, as an appreciative user, I’d certainly understand if you chose to go that route. I'm not much of a representative for your active user base, though. I’m on a very old version (5.005, because updates were tough at the time and I had started to make tweaks). Because of this, I may not follow the move to the new group, given how "out of it" I am, but I’d certainly support and understand the move if it’s what you prefer.

Just one opinion, of course. I assume you'll look forward to many more. :-) Thanks for having gotten so many CFers going on blogs for so many years with BlogCFC.
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 4/28/10 4:44 AM
Stephen Moretti's Gravatar I've never been a particular fan of forums, preferring firstly the yahoo groups (which are awful these days) and now the google groups. They have the double advantage of providing forum type access for those who like forums, but also have the email functionality built in. The email functionality is what I make most use of.

So after that waffle... yes I'd sign up to google groups.
# Posted By Stephen Moretti | 4/28/10 4:53 AM
todd sharp's Gravatar +1 for google
# Posted By todd sharp | 4/28/10 5:00 AM
Steve 'Cutter' Blades's Gravatar +1 for Google Groups
# Posted By Steve 'Cutter' Blades | 4/28/10 10:35 AM
TomasF's Gravatar Weird, I thought everyone was *leaving* Google Groups, not joining. You might want to read John Resig of JQuery fame's take before making a decision:
# Posted By TomasF | 4/28/10 4:04 PM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Meh. I saw that. I've never had much of a spam problem with GG. We can try it, and if it ends up sucking, just close it down.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 4/28/10 4:16 PM
Lola LB's Gravatar Just be sure to enable moderation, at least for first-posters. Spammers love Google Group, especially when moderation isn't enabled.
# Posted By Lola LB | 4/29/10 12:23 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Created:

Note - moderation is on for new members.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 5/3/10 3:20 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar FYI, for folks I recognize, I'm marking you as non-moderated.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 5/3/10 3:33 AM
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