Just released a very small update that corrects some installer issues. Thanks go to Ken Gladden for the find. Current users can probably just ignore this update.

Ed's Gravatar "Blgo".. that sounds funny :)
# Posted By Ed | 4/9/10 3:54 AM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Typo - what typo? ;)
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 4/9/10 3:55 AM
Ed's Gravatar It's Friday, so i guess it's normal
# Posted By Ed | 4/9/10 3:59 AM
Andy Sandefer's Gravatar I just tried to upgrade and I'm getting the following error when I hit index.cfm...

Element HITCOUNT is undefined in a CFML structure referenced as part of an expression.

The error occurred in D:\home\\wwwroot\tags\scopecache.cfm: line 142

I can login to the admin but that's about all at this point. I'm sure that I've screwed something up - I'm just not sure what. I did a full copy/paste over the top of all my previous files and then I went into blog.ini.cfm and reconfigured it with proper values as well as setting the new install flag. Any ideas?

# Posted By Andy Sandefer | 4/13/10 8:35 AM
Andy Sandefer's Gravatar @Guys,
Please disregard as I had a whole cadre of problems that I've now solved - by myself. I'm like Patti LaBelle @Raymond - "I'm on my own..."

C'mon - you know that you almost laughed.
# Posted By Andy Sandefer | 4/13/10 9:00 AM
Michael Sharman's Gravatar Just a quick kind of related heads up...the blogcfc forums link in the right sidebar is broken.
# Posted By Michael Sharman | 4/26/10 2:57 PM
Raymond Camden's Gravatar Fixed. Alhough I'm considering switching to a Google Group listserv.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 4/26/10 4:59 PM
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