Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use a Rich Text Editor (RTE) in BlogCFC?
BlogCFC doesn't have a RTE available out of the box. It does, however, make it easy to add one. The textarea you see when writing blog entries comes from a custom tag called textarea.cfm. That tag does nothing much more than create a simple textarea. But you can edit this file to point to an RTE installed elsewhere. An example of this may be found on this thread on the BlogCFC Google group.

How do I migrate from Mango to BlogCFC?
There is no officially supported way to migrate from Mango to BlogCFC, but Stephen Moretti has written up his method on his blog: Moving MangoBlog Database entries to BlogCFC

How do I get BlogCFC's SES URLs working with Railo and Tomcat?
The answer can be found (in detail) on the Railo newsgroup here: