BlogCFC Testimonials

I love BlogCFC for the flexibility. I can customize the design with ease and adding additional custom code is a snap.
Joshua Cyr

Adding new pieces is a snap. Charlie Arehart noticed I didn't have anything showing who I am on the persistent bits of the blog. He emailed me an 'About Me' pod, which went right in the pod manager and just worked.

BlogCFC has been nothing but great ever since I moved to it from Wordpress. It is extremely fast, customizable, and the community is great for any problems you do run into. Adding pods and posts is a snap and the flexibility is unmatched by other blogging software.
Adam Bertram

The BlogCFC Customization and re-design is really easy and BlogCFC is one of the most powerful blogging software for ColdFusion Community.

when i first downloaded BlogCFC many moons ago, i was mainly interested in looking over the code to see how it was built, etc. eventually, i wanted to create a blog of my own and after looking around, i settled on BlogCFC for a few reasons: 1) it's built in ColdFusion, 2) it's open source, 3) since i know how helpful the CF community is in general, i knew that if i ever had a problem, it wouldn't be very difficult to find someone ready to lend a hand, 4) it was easy to setup, 5) i actually had fun trying to customize it (although it required a pretty thorough search of the files/css, etc.) 6) the ongoing revisions and support from not only the original author, but also many other talented CFers out there and finally 7) while i really wanted to create/author my own blog application, i've got plenty of other projects that needed my attention so why try to reinvent the wheel?
Steve Withington

I love and use blogcfc and have for quite some time.
Tony Weeg

In the process of deploying BlogCFC as the foundation for my Church's web site. I love how simple it is to use. It will be perfect for my tech-challenged users who will be in charge of posting entries. I also believe the site is fairly user-friendly for visitors. Current information is right there, while static information is available nearby. If I had a wish list for BlogCFC, it would be for a simpler way to apply a new skin/template to the front end. At the moment, it appears to require an understanding of the code, expertise in CSS/XHTML, and an eye for design. Many blogs out there make it fairly simple to change look and feel with only a few clicks. This is my one wish for BlogCFC. Other than that, I really appreciate the application as it is and especially the BlogCFC team for all their work on it.
Ken Barrett

I considered several different brands of blog software, but ultimately decided to use BlogCFC. It's very easy to customize, uses CSS and since it's open source you can add your own little tweaks to it. It's been great ever since I went live with my site and it's there to stay.
Jim Leether

BlogCFC is quick and easy to install and get going. It's flexibility allows the site owner to fully customize the look and feel. We use it to power the AmcomTech corporate blog.
Tariq Ahmed

I have BlogCFC sites running on both ColdFusion and Railo, and I've never had a problem on either platform. It's extremely simple to set up, easy to use, and offers a good variety of database platforms for the back end. But, most of all, it just works.
Eric Cobb

Being able to deliver my blog to multiple platforms is very important to me. With BlogCFC's mobile support I can now easily present my blog to multiple platforms and devices with almost no effort. I think that one of the best features of this is that I don't have to change how I blog. All my blog entries, including those with images and code, display without issue.
Dave Ferguson